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About the Constitutional Commission

The Constitutional Commission charged with compiling the first draft of the Constitution of Kosovo was established by the President of Kosovo in accordance with the recommendations of UN Special Envoy Ahtisaari's Report on the Future Status of Kosovo submitted to the UN General Secretary. The Commission reflects the diversity of Kosovo and is responsible for drafting a Constitution that represents the best interests of all people of Kosovo.

The Constitutional Commission was officially appointed by the President of Kosovo in his proclamation dated February 19, 2008. Dr. Hajredin Kuci and Ms Nekibe Kelmendi were appointed as the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson respectively. To read the President's proclamation please click here.

The Constitutional Commission established 10 Sub-working Groups which focus on specific areas of the constitution. The members of the Constitutional Commission below are chairs of the specific working groups.

Sub-working groups:


1. Working Group on the Preamble

Chairman: Blerim Shala


2. Working Group on the Founding Principles, Rule of Law and Provisional


Chairman: Arsim Bajrami


3. Working Group on the Kosovo Institutions

Chairman*s: Rame Manaj and Jakup Krasniqi


4. Working Group on the Fundamental Rights and Freedoms

Chairwoman: Gjylieta Mushkolaj


5. Security and Order

Chairman: Kadri Kryeziu


6. Rights of Communities

Chairman: Mahir Yagcilar


7. Judicial Power, Prosecutors, and the Constitutional Court

Chairman: Nekibe Kelmendi


8. Economic Relations

Chairman: Iljaz Ramajli


9. Local Self-Government

Chairman: Eqrem Kryeziu


10. Independent Agencies and the Ombudsperson

Chairman: Ylber Hysa

Constitutional Chapters

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