Skėnder Hyseni

17 February 1955 in Podujeva.

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  • studies in the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Prishtina.
  • Bloomsburg State College, USA (1978) and at the Aberdeen University, Scotland (1986).

Mr. Hyseni began his political work with the establishment of the Democratic League of Kosova in 1989, where he began working with the Kosovo Information Center (KIC) in 1992 as journalist and interpreter. He was one of the editors and co-founders of Kosova Daily Report (News Bulletin in English Language). When Dr. Rugova was elected for President of Kosova in 1992, Mr. Hyseni joins his close team to become one of his closest advisors before the Rambouillet conference, where he was member of the delegation. After the war, Mr. Hyseni continued to be one of his closest associates, i.e., first advisor to the President Rugova up to the moment the latter passed away. He continued to be the first political advisor to the succeeding president Fatmir Sejdiu.

Member of every Kosovo delegation in the status talks, Skėnder Hyseni, he was also the spokesperson of the Kosovo Negotiating Team. In the last elections for Kosovo Parliament he was elected as member of this body. And, at the first session of this body he was elected Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports.

He is member of the presidency of Kosovo Democratic League and chairs the party committee for external relations.

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