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Q: How was the Constitution developed?

The draft constitution was prepared by the Constitutional Commission, which consists of 21 members, including local experts and representatives of minority communities in Kosovo.

Q: How were members of the Constitutional Commission selected?

The President of Kosovo appointed the members following consultations with the Presidency of the Assembly and the Head of the ICO Planning Team.

Q: When did work on the Constitution begin?

The initial efforts began in early 2007. Beginning with the constitutional provisions laid out in the Ahtisaari plan for supervised independence, the Constitutional Commission generated a list of issues to be addressed in the document, consulting multiple constitutions, treaties and conventions from around the world.

Q: What are some of the key provisions of the Constitution?

The Kosovo constitution is a modern document for a modern democracy, reflecting international constitutional principles, including those that provide protections of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all citizens.

Q: How have the citizens of Kosovo been involved in the drafting process?

The Constitutional Commission was specifically appointed to represent certain citizen and group interests.

As the drafting process began, the Constitutional Commission was divided into subgroups who invited specialists and community representatives into specific discussions.

The Constitutional Commission approved a public information plan to promote public dialogue on the constitution in two phases. The first phase was to provide citizens with information on the constitutional drafting process and to discuss the main principles included in the constitution. In this phase the Constitutional Commission listened to citizen’s concerns about the constitution and the process. The second phase will be a public discussion of the constitutional draft via media and community meetings. Citizens will also be able to comment via the constitutional website and by mail.

Q: When will Kosovo have its constitution?

After the Constitutional Commission has considered public comments and approved a proposed constitution, the International Civilian Representative will certify the proposed constitution’s compliance with the Ahtisaari plan. Subsequently, The Assembly of Kosovo must approve the constitution by a two-thirds majority of its current members, following consultations with Assembly members of communities not in the majority in Kosovo.

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